Spotlight SAFe® 6.0 Update Workshop

Scaled Agile Inc. introduced a major update - SAFe 6.0 - for it's Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) on March 15th 2023. As ever, with a significant update such as this, it’s likely to raise a number questions around how this could impact individuals, teams and organisations. So to help provide further guidance on this, we’ve put together this 3-hour workshop to sum up all key news and improvements. If this workshop is held in-house, it will help to familiarize your own SAFe experts with the various innovations and their effects. Depending on the requirements, the intensity can be increased and the workshop can be conducted in a full-day format.

“We are delighted to announce that SAFe 6.0 offers the newest and most effective Lean-Agile practices, enabling forward-thinking enterprises to navigate today’s rapidly changing challenges and opportunities.”

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With our experience from many SAFe implementations, we will look behind the scenes in this 3-hour workshop and show what impact these changes can have in practice and where we expect further developments in the future.
There are many changes in the new SAFe 6.0 release that can be grouped around six key areas and they form the learning content for our workshop:

  • Strengthening the foundation for Business Agility
  • Empowering teams and clarifying responsibilities
  • Accelerating value flow
  • Enhancing Business Agility with SAFe® across the business
  • Building the future with Al, Big Data and Cloud
  • Delivering better outcomes with measure and grow and OKRs

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