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The goal is better business results for your company

When providing our services, we bring a different perspective on the implementation of agile principles. A view that emphasizes that the implementation of agile principles is not a goal, but only a way to achieve better business results.


SThe world around us is changing faster and faster. We must therefore create space for continuous education in our corporate culture. Among other things, we consider the training to be a space for thinking and drawing inspiration, and we want our partners to be inspired not only by our practical experience, but especially by the experience of other companies from the implementation of agile principles. These are consolidated and constantly supplemented in the methodological framework of the Scaled Agile Framework, which is for this reason the most widespread source of inspiration for companies around the world. We therefore focus on training according to this methodological framework.

  • The world's most requested lean-agile courses
  • By participating in the courses, you will receive a respected certification
  • Modern training approaches and tools
  • Trained by experienced practitioners who share examples from practice
  • Live online public courses on interesting dates
  • We flexibly adapt company courses to the needs of the time
  • Tailored courses/li>
  • A price that aims to be accessible to the general professional public


One of the great challenges of agile transformations is to achieve a permanent change in behavior that will become part of the company's culture and will not depend on the action of external consultants. To achieve such a change, it is necessary to invest in the development of employees, their ability to actively use new patterns of behavior.

We know we will be successful if you are successful. That's why in agile coaching we help individuals, teams and programs develop the skills, enthusiasm and good foundations needed for effective delivery in an agile organization. We are proud that our work can be based on trust backed by real results.

  • Transformational coach
  • Agile program coach
  • Agile team coach
  • Individual coaching
  • Proactive coaching
  • Coaching on demand

Consulting, workshops

For many companies, the adoption of agile principles and the path to agility means a long-term process. During this process, companies implement a number of steps, while their enumeration and order typically differ from company to company. We will help you:

  • Evaluate the current state of your agile team, program or entire company
  • Recommend next steps, create an agile transformation roadmap
  • Start a new agile team
  • Start a new agile program
  • Prepare, organize and facilitate PI Planning

Or just attend an interactive workshop with us, which will bring not only inspiration, but also specific action steps:

  • Agile briefing
  • OKR workshop
  • Value stream identification workshop
  • Value stream mapping workshop
  • LACE workshop
  • Agile team launch workshop
  • ART launch workshop

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