We are Agile Brothers

Agile is an attitude to solving situations and problems, not a limited set of techniques. That is why, although agile is simple, it is not easy to be agile.

Even for the most successful companies, today's world is moving fast. Therefore, continuous improvement and increasing the agility of the company is a necessity. The goal of these changes (if you want agile transformation) is not the implementation of agile practices as such, the goal is not even a change in the way of thinking. While both of these things are important, if you can't achieve better results for your business, agile transformation is pointless.

Our services help your company to achieve better business results through agile practices and principles.



We focus on SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) and OKR (Objectives and Key Results) trainings

  • The world's most popular courses in the field of lean-agile from the comfort of your home or your own office
  • State-of-the-art training tools
  • Excellent trainers
  • The price of SAFe courses starts at CZK 12,000 without VAT


Our goal is continuous improvement. Therefore, we try to show individuals, teams and managers how they manage to grow in the field of implementing agile principles and build their self-confidence.

  • Positive energy to your teams
  • Coaching for self-sufficiency
  • Honesty, transparency, correctness - we are not ashamed to tell people what they need to know


Participating in a group discussion is extremely valuable. Take time to reflect, get an independent perspective, be creative and consider alternatives to achieving your goals, the goals of your teams or the entire company.

  • Simulation of an agile organization
  • Discussion about key agile concepts
  • Accelerate the flow of value in your business

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We are Agile Brothers, but a team of experienced practitioners also...


...and together we will ensure that your company is agile and benefits from it.

Milan Drbohlav

Milan Drbohlav

Senior Consultant, Agile Coach

Jiří Drbohlav

Jiří Drbohlav

Senior Consultant, Agile Coach


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